Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Well look at this....

Apparently I can blog from my phone! What further proof could one need that God does exist and he loves me very much? hehehehehe

I have no clue what this will end up formatting like seeing as my cell phone likes to shit itself and just randomly stop working correctly on anything. It does however give me something to fill the random time before clock in and I'm sure it will find use during sports practices, dr appointments, traffic jams and when I am trying to ignore someone who is talking to me and can't grasp that I have no interest in what they're saying. :)

Let's see how it looks shall we?

Monday, November 29, 2010

Here goes nothing...

Okay I guess you could say this is my maiden voyage into the world of blogging.  I have no clue what I'm doing so it may take awhile before I figure out how to get all the little features and things up and running.  Until then here are some basics...

I'm 43 years old, unmarried but in a relationship I've been in for nearly 15 years.  It's a complicated situation that I'm sure I will get into at some point but that isn't now.  Suffice it to say that we have 5 children; four of whom I adopted as a single mother before Frank and I met and then one biological child we had together after many years of trying.  I'll get into all that more later as well.  Michael just turned 24, Marques will be 23 in February, Keiran is 18, Bekah is 17 and a junior at Greene County Career Center (please dear Jesus she will be the first of my children to actually finish high school and graduate) and Karl turned 7 in October. 

I will say as a precursor to later things that I made the designation of having adopted children once; you aren't likely to see that designation ever again unless it is somehow integral to the subject matter because I have FIVE children, not four and one, FIVE children that belong to me now and forever all in exactly the same way.

I also have 6 grandchildren; Nevaeh, Aryiana, Sebastian, Avery, Makayla, & Noah... 

Nevaeh is 4 yrs old; she is the daughter of my 2nd son and his beautiful girlfriend of 7 years. Her baby sister, Aryiana is the baby in my background picture; she was born June 24, 2010 and passed away from SIDS on September 14, 2010. Turtle's death is something that we are all still dealing with on a daily basis and I'm certain that the grief process will play a huge role here as well.

Sebastian is actually my oldest son's girlfriend's son, but he's 2 years old and I am Mamaw all the same; hopefully loving him like I do won't come back to bite me in the ass at some point in the future.  (I will add the note here that I have an absolutely filthy mouth and I don't intend to edit myself here so reader beware)

Avery & Makayla are my twin grand-daughters born 10 weeks premature on July 18 & 19, 2010.  They are my oldest son's children with his ex-girlfriend; they are beautiful, awesome baby girls that I don't get to see nearly often enough mostly because of distance, stupid work schedules, and my son's severe mental health issues. 

Noah Geronimo is the newest of my grandchildren; born 6 weeks premature on October 31, 2010.  He is also my oldest son's child with his current girlfriend and is Sebastian's baby brother.

I work at Wal-Mart as a Photo Center Specialist despite a fairly decent education which again I'm sure I will get into later.  I'm a Democrat after spending most of my adult life thinking I was a Republican because I don't believe in abortion... I also don't believe in the death penaltry, wouldn't trust a politician from any party any farther than I could carry them on my back, and don't have any interest in debating either my political stances or my religious beliefs.  I am who I am, you are who you are and as long as we respect each other there is plenty of room in the world for all of us. 

I love to read anything that can hold my attention and I guess you could say I'm a writer as well although grief seems to have stifled the creative process somewhat lately.  I had a book published in the early 1990's by a books on disk (yes children I am speaking of floppy disks... little square pieces of plastic that went into a little slot on your computer, which back them had 64 MB hard drives if you were really lucky) publisher out of Littleton, CO.  The book was called Wylde Skies and the company went out of business shortly after it was published.  I haven't been published since, but to give myself some credit I haven't really pursued publication with any consistancy or dedication so it may be that I haven't tried or it may be that my stuff sucks... at some point you'll get to judge that for yourself I'm sure.

As you can tell by this first post I like to ramble and much of what gets posted here will be just that; rambling.  Some will be angry and hurt people's feelings or piss them off, some will be amusing and make people laugh, some will be sarcastic and probably again hurt feelings and piss people off, some might actually make sense but that's a huge maybe.  Either way I told myself if I fell into this blog stuff I wouldn't hold back, that it would be the real me; the me everyone around me thinks they know but really have no idea.

That said... here goes nothing...