Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Well look at this....

Apparently I can blog from my phone! What further proof could one need that God does exist and he loves me very much? hehehehehe

I have no clue what this will end up formatting like seeing as my cell phone likes to shit itself and just randomly stop working correctly on anything. It does however give me something to fill the random time before clock in and I'm sure it will find use during sports practices, dr appointments, traffic jams and when I am trying to ignore someone who is talking to me and can't grasp that I have no interest in what they're saying. :)

Let's see how it looks shall we?


  1. Not too shabby.... I am impressed AT&T mobile, your crappy phone served me well in this adventure... bravissimo!

    Oh yeah and have I can't spell and despite an Associate's degree in English I have no grasp of grammar and punctuation and have no desire to learn? Oh... well I've said it now haven't I?

  2. LMAO - well done crappy cell phone - well done! :) Thanks for making me smile this morning Mary Beth! :)

  3. I think that's a good reason WHY I don't have one of those phones that seems to do EVERYTHING. I'd never get anything else done.

  4. Well, it's clear and readable so I guess the phone thing works. Myself, I have one of those super simple phone. I can talk on it and text on it and that's about it. But it works for me.