Sunday, December 12, 2010

It's been one of those days!

It is currently 1:06am, Monday, December 13, 2010 and I'm sitting in bed with my laptop attempting for the fourth time today to make a blog post... It's been one of those days!

First I tried to post about my new experiences with youth wrestling; a sport that my youngest son is just beginning and one that none of my older children ever participated in.  It was a long post filled with anticipation, annoyance, anxiety and excitement.  I talked about the miscommunication that had us driving through the snow to arrive at 9:45 only to find out two hours later that we really didn't need to be there until 11:30!  I talked about the bratty kids running wild and climbing on concrete railings without a word from coaches or parents.  I even talked about my 10 year love affair with youth football.  It was a masterpiece, perhaps even a work of art... unfortunately my cell phone ate it and nothing remained of the post except the title...  It's been one of those days!

Then I spent three hours playing time keeper for no less than forty wrestling matches while struggling to catch glimpses of my 7 year old wrestling on the mat catty corner from the one I was working.  This was his first real tournament, his first year of wrestling.  Out of three matches he won two and came out of the one he lost with 9 points.  For the day he won 9-8, lost 9-13, and won 11-8; 29 points in all which to my untutored and untrained mind seems pretty good for a 45 pound kid.  The time keeping itself is exhausting.  Not physically, all you do is hold a stopwatch and when it gets to 59 seconds you smack the ref with a rolled up towel or a cut off pool floaty to end the period (wrestling matches consist of three 1 minute periods)... mentally however it's exhausting because you have to pay attention to the ref's calls and stop the time for out of bounds, injuries, etc.  Forty matches in three hours is a lot, especially on a split mat where the area they have to wrestle in is cut in half... It'd been one of those days!

To finish up the evening I spent hours alternating the warmth of my car and the frigid snow trying to help my daughter with her colicky horse.  Over an hour waiting for a vet to return a page (which he never did and it was the final straw for me... no more Walnut Grove Vet Clinic for us, we will be finding a new vet ASAP) then trying a different vet practice in hopes of getting someone who could help us figure out what was going on.  A few more hours of trying to avoid $300 in emergency vet bills that included an hour of my 17 year old daugher in six layers of clothing walking the horse around the pasture in the dark and the blinding snow... It's been one of those days!!!

There's more to this story, and it was all supposed to be humorous and well written.. was in fact the first three times I wrote it on my cell phone and then lost it due to phone calls, text messages, cold numb fingers hitting the wrong keys, and just general ridiculousnes because, as I've said several times already, it was one of THOSE days!

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