Sunday, January 16, 2011

Well imagine that!

As of today I have actually sold 5 copies of my e-book at  I'm pretty sure all five went to people I know who bought it out of curiosity (I told you I couldn't spell LOL) just because they'd heard through the grapevine or seen on Facebook that I wrote a book.  That's okay, it's still $11.16 in my pocket LOL and maybe they'll like it or maybe it will feed the breakroom gossip... again it's still $11.16 in my pocket.

I have about one more chapter to finish a detective book that I started writing about 18 months.  A tongue in cheek collaboration with some of my work kids starring the infamous detective duo of Jack Plosbo and his secretary Laura Aurora.  The relaxed atmosphere of self publishing has motivated me and The Adventures of Plosbo should be available as soon as I can get my co-collaboraters together to take some pictures for the cover art. 

Once Plosbo is up and running and I'll get back to my paranormal romance series and finish the edits for the first full length novel in the Alpha Men series.  Guardian of Dreams will go up within a week or two and then I'll have to kick into gear and finish the 2nd book in that series, the 3rd is already completed and the 4th is about half finished so if all goes well I have plenty to keep me busy over the rest of the winter and well into the spring. 

Just as I did with Saving Alexandria I will throw them up and see what happens.  It's calming to expect nothing and be rewarded with a few tidbits now and again.  :)

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